Shirley Aquatics was established in 1939 and has been at the forefront of the pond and aquarium industry for over 70 years.
The Company

We have always been a family run business offering exceptional customer service and a quality assured product range. There are no aspects of the fish keeping hobby we do not cater for and we make sure that all our staff are kept up to date with the most recent developments in our industry. Our exceptional standards have been carried across to our reptile department which has grown tremendously over the last 6 years to become one of the region's most reputable reptile departments.

The Shirley Experience

Our experienced staff are at the heart of our business. Their team work, experience and professionalism mean that from the moment you walk through the door, pick up the phone or log on to our web site you know you are going to be looked after and given the best advice possible.

Our team realise that looking after your pet, whether it's a shoal of neons, a chameleon or a pond full of prize winning koi is extremely important to you and giving you the right advice and the correct equipment is vital to their and your happiness. That's why we put a lot of effort into making the Shirley experience unbeatable.

Green credentials

We are always on the look out for methods of making our company more environmentally friendly. Our online delivery service always re-uses packaging wherever possible and our purchasing department is constantly looking for new ways of improving our green credentials such as recycled bubble wrap and cardboard boxes.

All of our fish systems are run using low energy sequence pumps and we use low energy lighting were we can.

A number of our tropical fish and reptiles are bred by local breeders and we are starting up a coral propagation program to reduce the number of imported corals. The waste water from our Reverse Osmosis unit is recycled and used for water changes on our coldwater section.

Marine life

Surely no hobby has evolved quicker than marine keeping. Our forward thinking marine team will guide you carefully through each stage of the hobby. We focus on system design, husbandry and animal selection. A strong relationship with the worlds best suppliers enables us to bring you an unbeatable range of live stock. We stock fantastic ranges of marine fish, corals and invertebrates, with many exceptional offers on live rock and reef critters. We can also offer set ups from the simplest "nemo" package to fully automated hybrid systems.

Koi care

Shirley Aquatics was the first company to ever bring Japanese Koi carp into the UK. Our chairman John Cook worked tirelessly with one of Japans biggest exporters to refine the techniques (now commonplace) involved in importing koi on a grand scale. Selling thousands of hand picked Koi every year we are able to offer a fantastic range of Koi to suit any pond. From 10cm babies to 80cm monsters each one is hand picked and cared for by our expert team. With decades of experience Shirley Aquatics is your only stop for advice on Koi health, water quality, feeding, pond filtration and design.

Time for tropicals

Tropical fish are at the heart of our business. If it wasn't for Ronald Cook introducing his son John to the fascinating hobby of breeding and showing tropical fish all those years ago there may not be a Shirley Aquatics today. The enthusiasm shown by John back then is carried forward by our tropical team today. All of our staff are passionate about this aspect of the hobby offering unrivalled advice and friendly service. We always keep fantastic selections of all the favourites such as guppies, mollies, swords, tetras and gouramis as well as specializing in Discus, African Cichlids, rainbows, L number plecostomus, corydoras catfish and puffers. Why not come and see what all the fuss is about?

Reptile envy

Driven solely by a passion for the animals they love, our reptile staff offer not only some of the worlds most up to date equipment but also a vast knowledge of captive care and an insight to natural behaviours and environments. We stock beginner species such as corn snakes, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, Chilean rose tarantulas and royal pythons as well as more advanced species such as tortoises, chameleons, reticulated pythons, tree boas, large monitors and poison dart frogs. Our stock list is potentially limitless so if you can't find your dream reptile we'll try our hardest to find it for you. Whether you're after lizards, snakes, invertebrates, amphibians, turtles or tortoises, or if you just want to see some fascinating animals, come and pay us a visit.

Plant perfection

Terrestrial plants form a very important part of our living world. In the same way aquatic plants enhance both pond and aquarium ecosystems. Despite this analogy many aquatic plants are not given the same care as even house plants. Knowing this we specialise in all types of aquatic plant with amazing selections of both pond and aquarium plants, offering extensive advice on plant suitability, fertilizers, CO2, lighting and substrates. All to help you get the best out of any garden pond, bog garden or aquarium biotope

Friends of Shirley Aquatics

We have long standing relationships with many different types of companies around the world. We ensure that our suppliers are the best in the business and we receive unique support from them in honour of our commitment to quality and service. Our Japanese agent Toshi Nakamori has been a friend of ours for nearly 30 years and is a prime example of just one of the exemplary companies we deal with.

Our courier is another such service, we have trusted them with our goods for many years and they repay our trust with exceptional delivery standards. They service some of the UK's largest companies and offer the most comprehensive service of all the couriers around at the moment. We are looking forward to many years of service from them and readily take on any new developments they pass our way. The latest of which is the facility to text you when your delivery is going to arrive (estimated to be implemented in February 2010)

Our commitment

The name of Shirley Aquatics has for many years been synonymous with extremely high standards in all aspects of our hobby. Our commitment to you is to ensure these standards are upheld and surpass them where ever we can. We will always offer the highest level of assistance, the healthiest animals and the finest products ensuring your hobby is as rewarding as it can be.


To offer unrivalled levels of customer service and knowledge covering every aspect of the aquarium, pond and reptile hobbies.

We aim to provide extensive product availability and help you through each aspect of your new or existing hobby.

With decades of experience in aquatic and reptile keeping our pledge is to provide you with a professional and thorough service tailored to your needs.

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