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all at 6s and 9s

All at 6’s & 9’s! This weekend at Shirley aquatics (6th & 7th October 2012)

Yes I know the expression is all at 6's and 7's...and we could have had a bit more fun with these two numbers (come and have a dirty weekend at shirley aquatics etc) Its something different and I havent got to get all the staff dressed up in leather...sorry perky!
Just a few of the amazing offers (the 6's and 9's bit should become clearer)

Aquarium heaters from £9.69
Aquarium air pumps from £9.69
Tropical aquariums from £69.96

Baby Royal Pythons £69.96
Tortoises ( or turltletoises as my 3 year old says) £69
48 x 24 x 24 vivariums £96.96
36 x 18 x 18 vivariums £69.96
5 reptile live foods for £9.69
Juwel rio 125 aquarium and cabinet £269
Juwel Lido Aquarium and cabinet £269
Vision 180 Aquarium and cabinet £419.96
36 x 15 x 12" clearseal aquarium £39.96

Neon tetras 69p
8-10" koi (whilst stocks last) £9.60
Wheatgerm pellets 900g £6.96
20% off marine fish
20% off tropical fish
20% off aquarium filters
up to 20% off pond pumps & filters

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