Malu vista marine aquariums
Malu vista marine aquariums are the ultimate sump based marine system. Complete flexibility is offered with you being able to choose the exact size you want, colour, glass specifications the list goes on!

Malu Vista aquariums offer a new level in marine keeping, coupling stylish design with easy to use features. The versatility of Malu and Mako systems have enabled marine keepers both new and old to tailor their new reef system around their own specific requirements.

What you get:
1)Open top aquarium (closed hood option available) with integral weir and unique weir surround that hides most additional circulation pumps
2)stylish Hi-gloss cabinet fitted with chunky handles and soft close hinges
3) 3 chambered sump
4) Preassembled Pipe work
5) choice of blue or black vinyl backing and weir colour
6) installation and running instructions
7) Polystyrene tiles
8)Silicone sealant for final installation of pipe work
Malu systems incorporate an efficient weir and sump design. Keeping a marine aquarium is all about stability, your aim is to recreate a slice of the ocean in your home, malu sump systems are by far the best way of doing this, the offer:
1)Increased water volume
2)Increased stability in both water quality
3)Easily accessible filter elements for maintenance
4)Less equipment clutter in the aquarium
5)Protein skimmers are an invaluable tool but difficult to install and ugly when on show, in a Malu system they can be tucked out of site yet still be easy to maintain.
6) Masses of cupboard space for additional equipment.
7)the ability to try different forms of filtration such as miracle mud or refugium.
8) A high circulation rate which aids in filtration as well as coral and fish health.
The Basics
Each malu system comprises of a cabinet, sump, aquarium and hood. All made by clearseal, one of if not the best aquarium manufacturer in the country
The hood comes with a hinged top as standard but you can opt for an open top hood if you prefer.
The cabinet is supplied with a removable central strut to enable easy sump installation, and two or four hinged doors with handles
The aquarium is provided with sliding glass cover plates and has a totally unique way of hiding in tank circulation. For years people have known how important flow is for marine life, with recommended turnover rates exceeding 25 times the tank volume per hour it can be extremely difficult to hide power heads and pumps within the aquarium. Often hobbyists put up with their ugly presence in the aquarium as the benefits they bring are worth it. The Malu weir system solves this problem. Each malu is fitted with a black acrylic weir cover that can easily house two Koralia powerheads or similar circulation pumps, with only a small portion of the pump visible. No other sump system on the market has this feature and it has proved to be an incredible advantage for all of the happy hobbyists that have bought a malu system over the past two years.
The sump
The sump is a simple three chambered sump which strengthens the versatile nature of each malu aquarium

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